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In order to assist you in researching California records,  please feel free to use these links as research tools to help you find the information you're looking for:

Certified or Informational Copy?

If the requester is a spouse, sibling, child, parent or grandparent they are authorized a "certified" copy of the document; however, they must submit a notarized statement as to how they are related. All other requesters must order an "informational" copy which gives the same information as the certified, however it also has "Cannot Be Used For Identification Purposes" stamped on the document.

California County Recorder:  Know which county you wish to research, but not sure where to find the records?  Want to know what it costs for for those vital record copies? This page lists all the county recorder information for each county in California.

California County  Code Locator:  Want to know what county that code on the Family History Center microfiche relates to?  Check out my County Code Locator page.  This convenient listing is hot linked to the county recorder information page to assist you in locating those vital records you're looking for.

Sacramento Research Information:  Want to know what it costs for those vital record copies in California?  Want to know where to find records in the Sacramento area?  Check my Sacramento Vital Records page.  It should answer a lot of your questions.

California County Map:  Know the geographic area you want to research, but not sure which county it's located in?  You can use this handy map to locate the county.  Then click on the county to access the county recorder information page.