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I can provide copies of California birth & death certificates from 1905 - present.  I charge $11 for the research time plus the cost of the certificates ($21 to $24 for Death certificates or $25 to $31 for birth certificates. Please see the County Recorders page for the cost of the certificates you are requesting).

  For persons who were born,  married, or who have died in Sacramento County, I can obtain those certificates on a walk in basis and normally provide a copy to you within two business days.

  For all other counties I must order them through the mail and delivery can be 2 weeks to 1 month depending on the county involved. 

All marriage certificates must be ordered from the County Recorder's office as the State vital records office does not have them.  If the county the license was purchased from is known, I can order them for you for $15 to $18 for the certificate, plus $11 for my services.

Certified or Informational Copy?

  If the requester is a spouse, sibling, child, parent or grandparent they are authorized a "certified" copy of the document; however, they must submit a notarized statement as to how they are related.

  All other requesters must order an "informational" copy which gives the same information as the certified copy, however it also has "Cannot Be Used For Identification Purposes" stamped on the document.

I specialize in California Vital Record Research and routinely perform the following searches for clients:

California Property Owners List 
Cemetery Records
Church Records - Sacramento County
Deeds, Land Records - Sacramento County
Census and Soundex Records 
Deeds, Land Records 
Genealogical Research Directories 
Newspapers (Articles, Obituaries, Birth and Death Notices) 
Reference Information 
City Directories 
County Histories 
Searches in the Ancestry and Family Search websites.
Special Collections (DAR, Early Pioneers, etc.) 
Vital Records Searches

I have the following California Vital Record Indexes readily available in my office which allows me to conduct preliminary research very quickly when required:

1905-2009 death indexes 
1905-2009 birth indexes 
1949-1986 marriage indexes 
1966-1984 divorce indexes 
1857-1905 Sacramento Bee indexes
   (contains index of Birth, Marriage & Deaths in Sacramento and nearby counties) 
1880-1950 San Quentin Prison Indexes 
1880-1950 Folsom Prison Indexes

Sacramento County:  1850 - Present Births, marriages, and death indexes

Yolo County:  1850-1925 Marriage indexes

I can provide photos of headstones from cemeteries in Sacramento, Placer, Plumas, Butte, Yolo, Yuba, San Joaquin, Solano, and Sutter counties