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Margaret PosehnHi, I'm Margaret Posehn and I've been doing genealogical research for over 40 years. I am very familiar with the California State Library records, California State Archives, Sacramento County Archives, and Sacramento Court Records. I have authored several books on family genealogies both for clients and my own extended family. I have also authored books on local cemeteries and the towns of Rio Linda and Elverta, California after completing extensive; historical research on them.

I Specialize in all aspects of genealogical research in California including census searches; court records; city directories; missing heirs; newspaper; obituary searches; Social Security Index; and vital records.

I also provide the following Genealogy services:

California Research Service:  Please visit my California Research Services Page for a complete listing of research services I can offer you.

Index Search: I have the California birth and death indexes from 1905- 2018 plus many other research sources.  This information is included on my California Research Services page.

Publications: I have published serveral genealogical books on established families located within California. Please visit my publications page for a listing of current publications available.

Are you conducting your own research and need to know where to get your information? Check out my research tools page for information such as a map depicting the counties of California. A complete listing of California county recorder offices where you can obtain certificates, and more.

Please feel free to contact me if I can assist you in locating the information you desire.

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