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I have compiled and printed the following publications. Please contact me for price and availability if you're interested in these publications.

POSEHN HERITAGE: This book documents the Posehn family from 1777 in Alt Nassau, South Russia through their travels in Germany, Canada, and California. The publication contains accurate family history up to 1985 when the book was first published. 

   Follow this link to sample photographs from this book.  These photos are of the Gottlieb Posehn family who immigrated from Eigenfeld Russia to Saskatchewan Canada. (Sample Photos)

THE PETER BRANDT DESCENDANTS 1813 - 1991: As the title infers, the book documents the Brandt family from Peter Brandt in 1813 from West Prussia to the Canadian and American Brandt's in 1991.

SLOAT and CROMBERG in Plumas County CA: This book documents the history and families involved in building the two small lumber towns located in the Sierra foothills. It also covers the histories of these two towns from 1880 - 1945 and contains many interesting stories and old photographs, including obituaries for the people found in the Cromberg cemetery.

GIBSON RANCH HISTORY, a park in Sacramento County, CA.  This booklet documents the history of the property from 1860 - 2000.  The first documented family owning this property was J. S. Woods, in 1860; George William Nicolaus in 1882; with Thomas MacKinnon family leasing it in 1892; Donald McDonald in 1942; Gordon Greene Guiberson in 1948; Moseley Land and Cattle Co in 1952 and Robert H. Gibson in 1955.  In 1962 a portion of this property became the Gibson Ranch County Park and is still owned and operated by Sacramento County Recreation Park and Open Spaces Department.  The booklet also includes photographs primarily from 1882 - 1952.

PICTORIAL HISTORY OF RIO LINDA FIRE DEPARTMENT in Rio Linda, Sacramento County, CA: This book shows the history of the Rio Linda Fire Department from 1923-1970 in photographs. Lists fire chiefs and other personnel.

RIO LINDA AND ELVERTA HISTORY 1850 - 1929: This book is a history of two California towns - Rio Linda and Elverta. It shows who the early families were that settled these towns and the hardships they endured while starting a new life in the California frontier. This book was compiled from excerpts of early Sacramento newspapers dating from 1850 through 1929.

THE PIONEERS OF RIO LINDA AND ELVERTA 1850 -1929:  This book gives little bits of information that I’ve found in local newspapers for this time period on the families that founded and established Rio Linda and Elverta. I’ve included photos when I was lucky enough to find them. This book is available in soft cover from LuLu.com and also by contacting me directly.

RIO LINDA AND ELVERTA HISTORY 1930 - 1959: This book is a history of the two towns compiled from articles found in the Sacramento Bee, The Sacramento Union, the North Sacramento Journal, and the Rio Linda Record. Various photographs included in the book have been borrowed from the families in these towns, and the school photos are from the Rio Linda grammar and Junior High Schools as well as Grant Union High School.  The book tells of a time when people worked mostly at home on chicken ranches, small farms and orchards instead of working in cities.  It is a time that no longer exists and I felt the history of this bygone era needed to be preserved.

You can obtain copies of any of my books by contacting me at:

Margaret Posehn
P.O. BOX 1099
North Highlands, CA 95660